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              China's leading camera module with touch screen hot-pressing equipment suppliers

              Shenzhen Lewei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd is a focus on early FPC hot-pressing equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises. Precipitation company since its establishment, after years of development, relying on strong technical force, efficient production management, perfect sales network, first-class after-sales service, won the trust of customers at home and abroad, become the most professional domestic camera module with touch screen one of hot-pressing equipment manufacturers.

              Companies adhering to the "innovative, efficient, practical, human nature is changed" development concept, in-depth a wide range of cooperation with foreign research institutions, and constantly develop and perfect the suitable for camera module with touch screen industry customer automation of hot-pressing equipment, main products are: ACF attached with machine, transfer the pressure machine, FPC/FFC/HSC/TAB/PCB pulse hot-pressing machine, constant temperature hot pressing machine, ACF hot-pressing dependend process equipment such as camera module, and full of gratitude to rapid response, service customers, to improving production technology and process, reduce production cost, improve production efficiency.

              Wholeheartedly with the domestic and foreign customers win-win cooperation and common development, create brilliant!

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